Randburg Tennis Club Newsletter May 2004

There were a couple of requests at the end of last year with respect to keeping members
informed as to where we stand financially and where your money is being spent.
The financials are placed on the notice board each month. Thank you to Stephen who is
extremely diligent in keeping the financials current.

Good news is that court "A" is to be resurfaced during the month of June. The last
league match will be played on the 6th of June (juniors) and work will commence after that.
This maintenance move pretty much wipes out our savings and it is "hand to mouth" or
"subs to maintenance" hereafter.

The subs collected each year are spent on minor maintenence (locks, keys), consumables
(bulbs, soap), municipality obligations and of course the two big expenses salaries
(Selina, Victor), and balls. Court, fence and light maintenance are so expensive that we
have had to fundraise in order to cover these costs. The up side is that these needs can
be paced and budgeted for. The committee over the years has organised various social
functions and fund raisers. It has become a painful exercise, for the committee as the
weeks leading up to these functions are spent begging, harassing, e-mailing and phoning
members for support. An awful lot of effort goes into organising these evenings, and I was
most distressed when the Bingo Evening attracted all of thirty six names. (Thanks to Ray
whose family alone made up seven of these). The profit realised from the Bingo Evening
was R2000.00 which is a wonderful achievement. Lack of interest however begs the
question. "Do we continue with social functions?"

Gareth is selling Head rackets and Roscoe wear. he can also restring your racket,
organise shoes, grips and just about anything you may require related to your sport.
He is available on 083 6002464 or look for him around the clubhouse.

If anyone wants to know why Cynthia is walking around with a big smile ...
it's because her daughter got engaged. Congratulations Tony and Cynthia!