Randburg Tennis Club Newsletter February 2005

Welcome back to all of you and may 2005 be a healthy, happy and prosperous one.

Championships have begun and we are on track to complete them in four weeks. Thank you to
Gareth in particular but also all members who made an effort to make up matches missed on
weekends. The championship lunch will be on Sunday 27th February. Boerewors rolls will be
on sale, so come along and watch some entertaining tennis. We will start the final matches
at 9.00H.

Welcome to Scott and Cathy our international supporters. They fly to South Africa every
February and come and watch Randburg Tennis Club Championships.

Tuesday News

Tuesday morning social tennis is ticking along nicely. Most Tuesdays we have two courts
going and often three or even four. Beau, another international supporter who flies in from
Russia to play at our club, will be away for three months, Colleen please tell Beau how much
we miss him.

A great big thank you to Shelley Kuypers, for organising a New Year Round Robin. A delicious
lunch was provided by the various participants and everyone enjoyed the tennis, especially
Athena who won a beautiful watering can. We miss Jean Koppehel. Jean didnít you realise a
job would play havoc with your social life? Pricilla has seen the light and opted to give up work
in favour of tennis. Welcome back Lillian. Lillian is sporting a BIG smile these days not only
because her leg operation was a success, but also as she is a new granny.


South Africa is playing Davis Cup matches the first weekend in March. Some of our juniors
are ball boys/girls. Watch out for them on TV. Gareth and Rachelle our very own celebrity
members may also be seen, so keep a beady eye on the square box. (We are playing
against Germany)


Membership is unfortunately down this year. Any suggestions for creative ways to encourage
new members?

We say good bye to some "old" faces like the Burchell family and some not so old faces like
Corne. Welcome to our new members Ryan Beer and The Noell family.

We have had more than a few members suffer injuries and all I can say is look to Isaac, Rex
and Viv for inspiration. Get well soon Alex Pitsillis and Jim Goodwin, also Margie Rebello
who had to bow out of champs after she pulled a calf muscle.


Fund Raising

Thank you to Ray Funnel for organising our first major fund raiser for 2005.

We have booked 200 seats at the Cresta Barnyard Theatre on 16th June at 8pm. This is a
Thursday evening and a public holiday. We are hoping for each member to sell about four
tickets. The show we have booked for is "The Rocky Horror Show". This is a cult show and
most of us are very familiar with "Science Fiction", "Itís Just a Jump to the Left" and all the
other popular songs.

Please start talking to your friends and ask them if they would like to get a table together
(10 people). Please note there is an age restriction of 16.


Alec Jones has very kindly offered to get Sunday morning social tennis going, so if you are
inclined please come along and join in. Donít forget Wednesday evenings John Wallett
hosts the summer nights under lights.


We seem to have acquired a number of non paying residents who squat under the eaves
of the tennis club. If you have noticed some unpleasant smells around the courts, it is meat
rotting in the trees which are used as larders. Upon confronting one of these individuals,
his aggressive stance leaves one a little nervous. We will be installing fences this year with
an access gate. At a later stage we will finalise details and inform all members.

Enjoy your tennis in 2005. Please approach any committee member if you have any
suggestions or contributions you would like to make.



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