2005 Club Championships



5th - 27th February

Yes, it was that time of the year again. Time for the Club Championships!
A good turnout resulted in many competitions taking place.
Someone had ordered good weather and so the championships had not too many delays because of rain (in contrast to previous years).
Thanks to all who took part and congratulations to all the winners and runners up!

Men's Singles Open

Gareth prooved once again that he is still the best player in the club.
Although Peter played very well he couldn't beat Gareth.

Ladies Singles Open

The same with Rachelle.
After Veronique wiped out the 'Oldies' she had to surrender to Rachelle's power play that makes her number 14 in the country.

Men's Doubles Open

After a long exhausting match Norman was back on the court to play the Men's Doubles.
Even with help from his son Gareth they were defeated by Brendan and Peter.

Ladies Doubles Open

The combination of the winner (Rachelle) and runner up (Veronique)
of the Singles competition in the Doubles was too strong for Bettina and Linda.

Mixed Doubles Open

Brendan and Bettina worked very hard but Gareth and Veronique took the trophy.

Men's Singles Veterans

Both Norman and John are very consistent players but again the better end for John.

Men's Doubles Veterans

Was it a victory by "The Tall" (Alec and John) over "The Small" (Isaac and Norman)?

Mixed Doubles Veterans

Last year it was the same partners playing but this year the outcome is the other way round
with John and Denise winning over Norman and Linda.


Ladies Singles Handicap

It was bad luck for Linda being in 3 finals and not winning any of them.

Ladies Singles Plate

Another marathon match with Claire winning her 2nd trophy this year and destroying Silvia's dream of having it again.

Special trophies

The Ron Craddock trophy for sports'woman'ship goes to Ann Guest and Denise surprised Lindy Batty with a trophy for all the hard work as chairlady. No trophy but a big Thank You to Kevin and Ryan for acting as Braai masters.