Isaac Joffe at the ITF World Seniors Tennis Championship in Christchurch NZ


The 2007 ITF World Seniors Tennis Championship was held in Christchurch NZ from 26th November until 9th December 2007.

Our teams consisted of 19 players in the age of 60 years plus to 80 years plus.
The championships were held under the auspices of the International Tennis Federation at 3 different venues.
1. Wilding Park Tennis Club
2. Hagley Park Tennis Club
3. Ashburton Tennis Club

Our team of 80 plus consisted of 3 players:
Danie Brink (Captain)
Brian Smith
Isaac Joffe

9 countries were in our section, USA, Australia, Canada, NZ, SA, Japan, Sweden, GB, Netherlands.
SA came 5th, we played on grass which took some time getting used to.
However a good time was had by all and the organization by the NZ ITF was excellent.

(by Isaac Joffe)