2009 Club Championships



7 February - 15 March

This year's championships had been very well attended with lots of competitions to be played.
A big Thank You to Eric, Howard and Gareth for running the event!
Congratulations to the winners and runner up!
Well, everyone can see that Gareth is back ... but there are also a few new players that made their impact this year.

Men's Singles Open

Gareth Gibson vs Ryan Kennedy 7:6 6:3

Ladies Singles Open

Lara van Rooyen vs Lindy Batty 6:0 6:0

Men's Doubles Open

Gareth Gibson / Nick Grobbelaar vs Ryan Kennedy / Donovan Prince 7:5 5:7 6:2

Ladies Doubles Open

Lara van Rooyen / Catherine Brightman vs Bettina Collins / Linda Icely 6:4 7:5

Mixed Doubles Open

Benita Pienaar / Gareth Gibson vs Lindy Batty / John Wallett 6:2 6:4

Men's Singles Veterans 40+

Howard Friedman vs John Wallett 6:7 6:4 6:0

Men's Singles Veterans 60+

Dennis Clark vs Jim Goodwin 6:7 6:4 10:8

Men's Doubles Veterans

John Wallett / Eelco Lodewijks vs Howard Friedman / Alex Pitsillis 6:4 6:7 6:2

Mixed Doubles Veterans

Bettina Collins / John Spiller vs Lindy Batty / Bazil Love 6:4 6:3

Men's Plate

Garth Le Roux vs Eric Noell 2:6 6:4 6:2

Men's Super Plate

Howard Friedman vs Dean Spiller 6:2 6:3


Ladies Plate

Philine Pittner vs Caroline Long 6:0 6:0

U12 Boys

Luke Schlebusch vs Dylan Richards 6:4 6:3

U12 Girls

Maxine Lewthwaite vs Ashlee Smith 6:7 7:6 15:13

Special trophies

The Ron Craddock trophy for sportsmanship goes to Rex Taylor.


Impressions from finals weekend

Match between Gareth and Ryan

Eric having the overview

Cheryl and Howard arranging the prizes

Those muffins taste great ...

Denise and Bettina enjoying the late morning sparkling wine

Gareth, Keith, Eelco and Lara chatting

The mens doubles will continue soon

Full audience

Eric and Silvia just fooling around